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Tyler Okonma (born March 6, 1991), better known by his stage name Tyler, The Creator, is an American rapper, record producer, music video director, actor, graphic artist and fashion designer from Los Angeles, currently signed to English independent record label XL Recordings and his own record label, Odd Future Records. He is the leader of the alternative hip hop collective OFWGKTA.

He has rapped on and produced songs for nearly every OFWGKTA release. He also creates all the artwork for the group's releases and said in an interview with DJ Semtex that he designs all the groups clothing and other merchandise as well.

On December 25, 2009, Tyler self-released his first album, Bastard. The album was eventually ranked 32nd on Pitchfork Media's list of the Top Albums of 2010. On February 11, 2011, Tyler released the music video for "Yonkers", the first single from his second album, Goblin, which was released May 10, 2011.

The video has received attention from several online media outlets. An extended version with a third verse can be purchased on iTunes. After the release of "Yonkers," Tyler announced that he had signed a one-album deal with XL Recordings.

Tyler and fellow OFWGKTA member Hodgy Beats made their television debut on February 16, 2011 when they performed "Sandwitches" on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. On March 16, Tyler and Hodgy performed "Yonkers" and "Sandwitches" on the 2011 mtvU Woodie Awards, being joined by other members of Odd Future during "Sandwitches". Goblin was released on May 10, 2011.

During an interview with Tyler for Interview, Waka Flocka Flame expressed his interest in collaborating with the Odd Future frontman to direct a music video for him.

Tyler's third album Wolf is scheduled for release in 2012. It will contain the instrumentals that Tyler has been making since the age of 15.

Tyler won Best New Artist for "Yonkers" at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards.
(performed by Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats)

[Domo Genesis:]
It's the five-nine taper phase; Sideline Laker game
High time save a page; They already know the name
Doms in this bitch I mean it's real shit taking place
Money still the motive and I'm clocking it like Flava Flav

[Hodgy Beats:]
Let me take my scarf off five-four-three-two-one bitch
Hodgy bout to barf logs, I be spitting fire campin makin s'mores
My flow be tramping like you whores I'm suicidal fuck the door
I'm and if but and or

Bitch what the fuck is you talking bout if you ain't getting no money huh
Broke niggas is talking loud I swear you niggas is funny bruh
We what the fuck is up 2012 clutch as fuck
Fast lifestyle slow me down double cup

Old school visans rhyme ambidextrous
I switch hands five o clock when your bitch lands by six
She will be quicksand better than the next nigga: this man
Pockets swell up like a sick gland killing your whole ambition

My hat says high cause that's exactly how I feel bitch
All I need is green grass and gold on my real bitch
Watch me get it nigga I'm a sell it real quick
Hodgy drew the master plan and Domo hit the kill switch

I'm young fellow guy peddle by reppin MellowHigh
Girlfriend never settles why? To busy in the meadows high
Out to Dena I'm fresh like I'm out the cleaners
Hardwood like an angry beaver I'm nuts like my fucking t-shirt
Get it?

A phantom you never hand a random rapper eating cannibal
She can't refuse so I let her drink it like it's Danimals
Handsome dude she wanna be with standing by camera crews
I let her snooze and dream cause none of them wishes tangible

I'm balling like Benjamin it's all about the Benjamins
That's why people acknowledge me and I ain't even friends with them
Call a ho then stall a ho I'm also dope across the rope
Catch my fate I bang grenades and beat your face 'til it's off your throat

Please shut the fuck up let me put this shit to sleep
The shit he speak got him all antsy like his Christmas week
Silly me, riding with several bitches with slim physiques
And I'm tryna see lights cameras action like Mr. Cheeks

Army fatigue bake boxes for the league
No ghetto barrettes and weaves down to the sleeve for the fees
If packaged she'll be petite know how to roll up my weed
Her doing's doing the deed and she don't really need shit

They asking Domo "where you been? " They feel they got ditched
Just look for the influence I be under that bitch and
It's a headlock when it come to that grip
You ain't never met a motherfucker done in that sick

I'm the best thing yet the I'm the best thing next
I bet I'll mess with presets and jet around all these vets
That don't know how to let go; this game is filled with a bunch of grey hair dead souls
Promise 90 retro, ho

Hey y'all get out of he way cause I'm going AWOL
Bitch lay off the gas that they giving your head tank dog
Thinking that you better than me will get you taked off
You either gotta win or go home, bitch it's the playoffs

More luxurious that a throwback with no low Jack no driver but it got doormats
Zero to sixty in like 4 flat; you know any nigga that own that
I ain't stuntin' I'm a youngin' me and my niggas we be thuggin'
At our shows that we be bugging groupie loving and we buzzing

So meet me in the trap; it's going down
MellowHigh leaning like the jaw of Bobby Brown

Cops arrest me for a DUI prohibition
We don't need you motherfuckers to stop and listen
Golf Wang Bitch

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