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Shinedown Amaryllis lyrics was added to the site 13 Mar, 2012 and since that time has 69 hits and voted 0 times. Other popular Shinedown lyrics are: I'm Not Alright, Second Chance and If You Only Knew.


Queen of pop Madonna has selected the Benny Benassi-produced track "Girl Gone Wild" as the official second single from her much-anticipated twelfth studio album "MDNA", set for release on March 26th, 2012 via Live Nation/Interescope! The chill-out/dance number is much better than the 'weak bubblegum trifle' the lead single "Give Me All Your Luvin'" was. "Girl Gone Wild" is like this era's Madonna's "Sorry" (from the "Confessions" album). It's a catchy, yet intelligent dance effort.

MY DARKEST DAYS LYRICS Sick And Twisted Affair

This is the second studio album of the Alternative Rock band My Darkest Days. The album was released on March 26th 2012. Bellow you can find the lyrics for all the tracks as they become available.


Diggy Simmons The Arrival (intro) lyrics was added to the site 20 Mar, 2012 and since that time has 10 hits and voted 0 times. Other popular Diggy Simmons lyrics are: The Arrival, Unforgivable Blackness and Hello World. 

Monday, March 26, 2012


It's to the great credit of indie-rock fans that they've stayed on good terms with the Shins for all these years. James Mercer's approach to songwriting, though celebrated for its quirkiness, is also strongly classicist; in a scene renowned for its attraction to irony and self-involved avant-gardism, the Shins almost single-handedly made a place for earnestness and melodicism. In some sense, Port of Morrow is the classic pop album that Mercer has always been on the verge of making, though that has more to do with its production, which is lusher and cleaner than anything else in the Shins catalogue, and its mostly straightforward melodic sensibility than with the quality of the songs themselves.


The 28-year-old Canadian songstress Melanie Fiona has premiered the highly anticipated new single from her forthcoming album "The MF Life", titled "This Time" featuring fellow Roc Nation artist J.Cole . Her sophomore album is due out on March 20th and will feature guest appearances from T-Pain, John Legend,B.o.B and Nas. "This Time" is nice song , that has a Lauryn Hill feel to it as well.


Tyler Okonma (born March 6, 1991), better known by his stage name Tyler, The Creator, is an American rapper, record producer, music video director, actor, graphic artist and fashion designer from Los Angeles, currently signed to English independent record label XL Recordings and his own record label, Odd Future Records. He is the leader of the alternative hip hop collective OFWGKTA.

He has rapped on and produced songs for nearly every OFWGKTA release. He also creates all the artwork for the group's releases and said in an interview with DJ Semtex that he designs all the groups clothing and other merchandise as well.


Brand nu mixtape from Wiz Khalifa entitled “Taylor Allderdice”. This tape will be dropped on the net March 13th 2012. Taylor Allderdice consists of 17 tracks with features appearances from Chevy Woods, Amber Rose, Rick Ross, Juicy J and Lola Monroe.

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Havana Brown steps from behind the turntables and heads into the studio for her debut “We Run The Night”. Since firmly establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with in the Australian DJ world, Havana Brown‘s hustle hasn’t slowed for a minute and the results are in! This girl is on fire !!! Already Top 10 on the ARIA singles chart “We Run The Night” is now set to take over clubs.
The We Run The Night lyrics by HAVANA BROWN are displayed below.


English rock band Keane kick off 2012 with a new single called "Silenced By The Night", the first offering from their much-anticipated fourth studio album "Strangeland", due out in the UK on May 7th via Island Records - "Strangeland" is the first work from the Tom Chaplin-led band in four years, and the follow-up to the highly acclaimed album, 'Perfect Symmetry'. "Silenced By The Night" is without a doubt a bonafide hit! The song features a basic, continous guitar/drums beat, but it's Tom Chaplin's vulnerable way of singing, and clever lyrics which make the song unique. It's so good. Great chorus!
The Silenced By The Night lyrics by Keane are displayed below.


Dance music is IN, and Toni Braxton couldn't help but injecting a bit of 'party' vibes to her sizzling new single "I Heart You", the first offering from the American diva's upcoming seventh album, set for release in 2012 - "I Heart You" was premiered, and made available for free download on Toni's Twitter account in early March 2012. In "I Heart You", Toni makes use of her trademark sultry/soothing vocals but this time she's singing over a chill-out DANCE beat. And it's not until the breakdown (yes! a breakdown) when the party gets really started. "I think I'm gonna dance", exclaims Toni before a fist-pumping beat kicks in.
The I Heart You lyrics by Toni Braxton are displayed below.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


"The verses are the blues, the chorus is the gospel," Bruce Springsteen once said in an interview. He might have been talking about his then release "The Rising" specifically, but that statement could apply to any one of the man's songs. "Wrecking Ball" hits officially in a couple of weeks, but I spent the last two days becoming very close to this fantastic piece of work.

To paraphrase a friend, judge art by what it's trying to be and what it is, not on what you want it to be.

I think it's safe to say, there isn't a Bruce Springsteen fan who didn't want "Wrecking Ball" to be the new "Darkness On The Edge Of Town." (Isn't that the hope with every release?) Some might have even settled for another collection of tight, radio-friendly songs like the ones found on "Magic." But once you accept the fact that our hero is no longer the man he was 5 years ago, let alone the man he was in 1978, Bruce's "gospel" continues to be very compelling, and "Wrecking Ball" is Bruce Springsteen's gospel record.


Fireflight has always had a passion for singing anthems for (although not limited to) young people and about the issues they face on a day to day basis. However, over the course of four albums, some of the messages seem to be a little recycled. Take "He Weeps" for example; while it once again boldly asks God where He is in the midst of adversity, there's an undeniable sincerity in the desperation and passion in Dawn's vocals. Don't get me wrong; asking "where is God" in the midst of tragedy, eating disorders, and abandonment as a precursor to singing "He weeps with you /He weeps with me/When I'm on my knees/And I taste defeat… He will never walk away" is great, but I think there is something to be said for shaking it up now and again. 


UK soul diva Estelle has just dropped her new single ‘Thank You’, the follow-up to the Rick Ross assisted ‘Break My Heart’. The soul quenching ballad was produced by Jerry Wonda and penned by Akon. It is also lifted from her upcoming new album ‘All of Me’. The singer’s emotional delivery soars and she seems very keen to bring back the oldschool with her music. This would be a move very much appreciated by the hardcore R&B lover but one that may see her get severely overlooked by mainstream radio.
It’s a different direction for Estelle but also quite risky too. It is nowhere near as radio friendly as her biggest hit to date – the funktastic, Kanye West assisted ‘American Boy’. Give the track a listen below.


 Cudi writes a tribute to a doctor loose with prescriptions in a modern-day update of the Beatles' classic “Doctor Robert”. The Beatles song was an ode to the famous Doctor Robert Freymann, a “60 year old German physician who was famous for prescribing generous amounts of amphetamines to famous people”


Kellie Pickler has finally released her third studio album ‘100 Proof’. A long awaited release for fans, but definitely worth the wait of the roughly three years it has been. Fans can happily say goodbye to the polished Country-Pop sounds that were displayed on Pickler’s previous self-titled release and hello to these more traditional Country sounds with a fresh spin. The ears are pleasantly exposed to more steel guitar, banjo and even fiddle among other instruments that can be heard throughout the album. It is eleven tracks of real Country music.


Born to Die” is a song by American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey, taken from her second studio album of the same name (2012). The song was released as the singer’s second single on December 30, 2011, through Interscope Records. “Born to Die” features apocalyptic lyrics and strings similar to John Barry compositions and the music scores of Gone with the Wind (1939) and Western (1997).

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


As discussed in yesterday’s Heck Of A Guy post,  Jan 16, 2012 – Hear New Leonard Cohen Song “Going Home” Streamed By New Yorker Site, the new Leonard Cohen song, viewers may now hear “Going Home” from the soon to be released Old Ideas album at the New Yorker site. The poem, “Going Home,” which is the basis of the song’s lyrics, is also available on  the Poetry page of the magazine.


After sales of its self-titled 2009 sophomore album fell far short of 2005's "How to Save a Life," the Fray pushes to "put it all back together" on its latest album, "Scars & Stories." The Denver quartet shakes things up with new producer Brendan O'Brien, and many of the dozen songs achieve the kind of meatiness that the group approached tentatively on The Fray. The troupe's stock in trade remains frontman Isaac Slade's earnest lyricism and a lush, anthemic ambience that marks similar territory to U2 and Coldplay on tracks like "The Fighter," "Run for Your Life" and "Munich." "Here We Are" and the martial-rhythmed "The Wind" are the set's hardest rockers, while "1961" gets a touch more raw. Elsewhere, "Turn Me On" mines the white-bread funk of Maroon 5, "48 to Go" offers a rootsy mainland U.S.A. travelogue, and lullaby "Be Still" closes the album with a gentle Celtic tinge. It's not a complete overhaul, but Scars & Stories pushes things perceptibly forward.


Some brand new information has been released regarding Dierks Bentley‘s upcoming album, Home, which will be in stores on February 7th. The first single off the album, “Am I The Only One,” which was written by Dierks, has already achieved number one status on the charts. His current single, “Home,” has also been applauded for its authentic, anthemic lyrics. 
“I definitely stepped away and explored some things that were more on the fringe of country music for a little while,” said Dierks. “So, this record feels fresh. It doesn’t feel like a continuation of any other project or series of recordings. I love being able to try different things musically, and I’m so thankful my fans have followed me to those places. But, I feel like my real ‘Home’ is in the center of country music.”

VAN HALEN A Different Kind Of Truth Lyrics

VAN HALEN singer David Lee Roth's videotaped explanation of the lyrics for "Tattoo", the first single off the band's forthcoming album, "A Different Kind Of Truth", can be seen below.

As previously reported, unofficial VAN HALEN web site VHLinks.com has posted Roth's handwritten lyrics and graphics for "Tattoo". You can view the image below.

TYGA LYRICS Careless World

Tyga releases the first cut of 2012 off his upcoming album ‘Careless World: Rise of the Last King.’ He might not be the best rapper but he definitely has an ear for beats. He also has a knack for sexually focused songs and videos (Make It Nasty, Rack City) and this song is no different. Weezy adds a nice verse at the end and I swear he has the nastiest mind in the game.

FUN. Some Nights

Fun. Fun. Fun. Their music is really so fun. “Some Nights” is no exception, it has the instrumentation for mass appeal, it has the lyrics for music lovers, and it has the somehow unique catchy sound that they have managed to develop that is now associated with their songs. One thing that constantly surprises me is the level of “epicness” they manage to capture with every song. If you are not sure what I mean by that, or if you have not heard their hit song, check out “We Are Young,” included as a bonus song.

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